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What is meant by stabilization period in ERP implementation?

After an ERP system goes live there is what has been referred to as a “stabilization period” that typically lasts three to nine months. During that period most companies should expect some dip in their business performance and should expect that they will need to manage through that dip.


During the stabilization period, all those processes that once were just plans are now being used. New software and processes may be unfamiliar to the users. Hence, there may be problems with the quality of the work, and consequently the system may not operate as it was hoped. To avoid this, it is critical that users get the appropriate training at the right time.


During the stabilization period, processing and network response times may not be adequate for the implemented system, forcing changes in bandwidth and processing capabilities. Where does support for these problems come from? Internally, the original project team can evolve to provide support for user needs, assist with additional training and make necessary system changes.

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