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In this world, there are a whole lot of industries located in all corners. Each industry has its own specific domain, like we have the IT industry, the Pharma Industry, the Banking Sector which by itself is an industry, the Transportation and Communication domain, etc. Within these domains, these industries are further bifurcated in the large multi-national companies as well as the mid-sized and then the smaller ones. Thus, each and every industry serves to facilitate a particular niche clientele, and this is very obvious from the market to which they cater to.


Now, the most lucrative of all these business domains is the small business sector as this is the only sector which has a far-reaching level right uptil the grassroots sector. The ERP solutions are also designed keeping in mind these various domains. Most of the large scale multi-national companies will easily be able to invest in the top-notch ERP brands like SAP and Oracle simply because they can afford to do so. However, it is the smaller and the mid-sized companies which are not able to afford the branded ERP’s which have to think ten times before investing in an ERP which will serve their purpose the most.


The small business ERP also has its own competitors and all of the small business ERP manufacturers have their own clientele and have their own niche domain to cater to. Small business ERP manufacturers also have to keep in mind that their average client is not some big magnate and thus have to keep the cost developing the ERP in mind. In any case, since the small business ERP market has a lot of ERP players in the field, there is always going to be competition as far as the pricing and the durability of the ERP product is concerned. Hence, it is always seen that the small business ERP developers are always at loggerheads with each other.


The real test of character will come one day when the small business ERP will be so efficient, that the big game companies also begin to have second thoughts about investing in branded ERP’s and start to think about giving a try to implement these small business ERP’s in their organizations. This is of however, an idealistic situation as it would a take a hell of a lot for a small business ERP to really cater to the various demands from the ERP to manage the various departments in a multinational organization.


But, as of now, each and every ERP, be it a branded ERP for a multinational conglomerate or a small business ERP, is enjoying his share of fame under the sun, and only time will tell whether the idealistic state of a small business ERP running the show in a multinational conglomerate will materialize.

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