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Real-time decision making environments necessary for business success

Manufacturing companies can benefit from implementation of manufacturing ERP system that enables their strategic priorities, be it may quality, lead-times or costs.

With the advent of Cloud-based ERP system manufacturers can bring their native intelligence and knowledge into every scenario. Though an on-premise ERP systems could also do this, cloud-based systems were quicker to rollout, easier to customize, and showed potential to increase adoption rates across their operational network. With an effective cloud-based ERP system such as eresource in place, manufacturing companies can not only operate across distribution network but also they could expand their reach across the multi-tiered global supply networks that distinguish today’s manufacturing market from beginning to end throughout the product lifecycle.

Manufacturing companies are under constant pressure to increase accuracy, make process speed a competitive force, and capitalize on their internal intelligence and knowledge to make every supplier, distributor and service interaction count. Leveraging the advantages of the cloud infrastructure promises to help them face such pressure gracefully, efficiently, and effectively.

Expert study also reveals that project-based manufacturers face a variety of challenges in driving profitable business. While these challenges are as diverse as the products and services offered, all strive for a common goal of delivering projects on time and under budget.

Today, the challenges faced by manufacturing companies are getting more stiff and endless. For example, many manufacturing companies are experiencing growing production demands from their clients that overload their current software application. Ultimately the process demands longer time for execution of jobs. When a job takes longer time to complete, there are many cost postings: labour, materials, subcontractors, travel, freight, overhead, and machining. The costs accrue so fast that companies find that using old software system to work around to manage their manufacturing and costing won’t work anymore.

These shortcomings in their working methods will ultimately make them find an effective alternative solution that will make not only the business process easy but also cost effective. Web-based ERP system or the its upgraded version known as Cloud-based ERP system can come to the rescue of manufacturing companies to overcome their disabilities and prepare them to face the challenges that are cropping up every day. The most significant scalability and cost benefits come from the cloud-based system. With the system in place companies can have more control and have maximum customizability.

We could foresee a scenario when growing number of manufacturers expect to face the challenges of project-based manufacturing. As the factories will be increasingly measured by production capability and flexibility rather than capacity, Therefore Information Technology coupled with an ERP system will be essential in creating the real-time decision-making environments necessary for any business success.