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Job Card Management System


Preventive Maintenance job card in which details of a job to be performed is captured. It is used as a means to authorise and instruct the Maintenance People to take up the Maintenance work. The content and formats of the job card are all fetched from the Asset Master. Activity Name is fetched from the Pre-defined Maintnenance activity defined in the Asset Master. Standard Observation, Lower Limit, Upper Limit and Tolerance is also fetched as per the standards defined in the Asset Master.Last Observed Date: is the Observation during the Last Maintenance performed, Dated On: Shows the last date when the Activity was performed. Actual Observation. Capture here the Observation and Activity description performed now. Start time and End Time: This is specific to the activity Status : Select the status. Status can be Open/Completed OR in-progress. Defects / Resolution / Remarks : These are user defined fields.