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One more company from plastic manufacturing industry ready to go live with eresource

One more reputed company from the field of plastic manufacturing industry, Graham Blowpack Pvt. Limited, joins hands with eresource for upgrading their business application by implementing one of the most trusted ERP solutions.


The company


The company,  Graham Blowpack Pvt. Limited, which has its head office in Mittal Chambers in Mumbai, has decided to implement eresource ERP Xcel system for their business operations in their plants that are located in Daman and Haridwar.   Currently, the company manages its accounting operations using the tally software. However, the growing demand for the use of upgraded technology in their plant operations and other administration functions plus a system that can take of all their accounting work prompted a search for a good ERP solution. After a long and thorough evaluation of different ERP solution, the decision makers of the company have decided to settle for eresource ERP – Xcel for Manufacturing.

Joint venture


Graham Blowpack Pvt. Limited is a joint venture firm between PPI Blow Pack Pvt. Limited, India (Part of Deoras Group) and Graham Packaging Company, USA (Blackstone Group Company). Graham Packaging is known for their technology, Innovation & commands leadership position in blow molding in entire Europe. Graham presently has a sales turnover of $2.6 billion and 90% of their sales come from the markets no. 1 position. Globally Graham has 88 manufacturing plant and Approx 35% of the plant are on-site with customers.

Graham Blowpack Pvt Ltd, signs contract with eresource to implement eresource ERP – Xcel, Mr. Prakash Vaghela (CFO) and Mr. Bhavin D



Graham Blowpack is the leading manufacturers of plastic bottles - containers from various plastic resin like HDPE, PP, PC, PES, etc to suit the requirements of agriculture, chemicals, automotive lube oil, cosmetics, edible cooking oil, pharmaceuticals, pesticides Industries, Sauce and Ketchup bottles.


Apart from mono layer blow molding, Graham Blowpack is also focused in providing  multilayer barrier containers, Hot filled PET container, retort-able grade container & introducing super light weight, panel less technology in Indian market. The bottom-line of this Joint Venture is to provide world class technology at at affordable price.

ERP system implementation


The company with its vast manufacturing infrastructure setup was in search for a suitable ERP system that could manage all their operations efficiently and flawlessly. The company management has found a reliable ERP application in eresource Xcel and the implementation process are in progress and expected to go live by April 1, 2018.  Once the implementation process being completed, functions of all their offices and plants from all the locations will be brought under one integrated central system, which would make their work easy and quick. There won’t be any communication delay between departments and order processing functions could be managed without any hurdles. The HR and Accounts management will become quick and much easier.

Like many other ERP implementations that eresource has completed, this one also proves only one point, implement eresource to eliminate your business worries.