Plant Maintenance in eresource ERP: A module to support operational needs

The Plant Maintenance module in ERP provides an integrated solution for supporting the operational needs of an enterprise-wide system. The module includes an entire family of products covering all aspects of plant/machine maintenance and becomes integral to the achievement of process improvement.

Machine Maintenance and Plant Maintenance module in ERP Software supports various options for structuring technical systems with its object, type and function-related views, and enables flexible navigation. Data concerning the planning processing and history of maintenance tasks is documented in the system and complies with business verification requirements.

All maintenance tasks such as inspection, servicing and repair activities are saved in a historical database. In addition to standard indicators, diverse analysis options are also available in the system for evaluating this data.

Plant Maintenance in ERP provides you with technical and business reports and various presentation options, according to the criteria used: for example organizational unit, location, execution period for tasks, or system manufacturer. This information helps you to reduce the duration and costs of plant down times as a result of damage and to recognize possible weak points within your technical system in good time.

It also forms the basis for defining an optimum maintenance strategy in the sense of ‘Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) or risk-optimized maintenance.

The major sub-systems of eresource ERP Plant & Machine Maintenance module are:

  • Breakdown Repair Log
  • Equipment Master Register
  • Machine Breakdown Log
  • Maintenance Type1
  • Man Power for Machine Details
  • Preventive Maintenance Record
  • Spare Part Installation Log