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Production module

Following are the details of the functional forms in the Production module.

Process Master

To deliver finished goods there are many processes involved. Here in Process Master all these processes are defined so that these processes are retrieve from the master as and when needed. Such as in Pharmaceutical industries various process are involved, which are defined in this master.

Process Configuration

In process configuration, the characteristic which are involved in respective process is defined such as PH, Assay, description, color, potency etc.

Product Process Configuration

Main Page
This is the main part of production module, as here process configuration is defined. In product process configuration you can set product process machine relation, process parameter relation, process line clearance relation, process steps. Here sequence for the process is defined.

Machine Relation
In machine relation, the detail of machine which is required in respective process is captured. Such as for making finished goods which process is going to require and to do that process which machine is required that machine detail are mentioned here. Fields such as part no., labour, loading and unloading time etc. are captured.

Process Parameter Relation

In process parameter relation the characteristic of item is observed and compared with one entered in master. Here Process name, parameter name, nature of observation, its lower and upper limit etc are captured.

Process Line Clearance
Before any process is carried out there is a checklist which is maintained such as machine is clear or not, floor clearance, material availability etc. so that the further process is carried out.

Process Steps

Here process steps are defined and its sequence no. is defined. The process steps description is also entered here. If IQPC required or not is decided here in process steps.

Bill Of Material

To make a finished good several material are required such as raw material. Here the relation between finished goods and material required is defined.i.e. How much material in what batch is going to require is defined here in BOM.

Input Raw Material

In BOM (Bill of Material) how much and in which process what Raw material is going to require is fixed here. In this form Item type, Inventory category, item code,item name, UOM etc details are captured.

Input Packing Material

To pack a finished good some packing material is required which depend upon the respective finished good which is defined here. Packing specification is mentioned here.

Output Bi-Product
In some process some Bi-product is generated whose details are captured here.

BOM Lock Unlock
In chemical industry continues R & D is going on, sometime in-between ongoing process there is need of change in BOM. In such case the existing BOM is locked for further use. It may happen that this Locked BOM is again needed some cases, so we can Unlock the same.


Production forecast is very important in production process. According to quantity required by the customer the forecast is made. Here product details are captured such as product type, product category, product name , pack size, required quantity etc.

Master Production Schedule

In this master production schedule the sales order details are captured to see to which customer how much quantity is sent before and how much is pending. The minimum stock and finished goods stock is also shown here. Master production schedule captures all requirement for production.

Conciliated Requirements Vs Planning
In conciliated requirement total required quantity is added together and final requirement for the same item is generated. This can be done via sales scheduling or via forecast.

Manufacturing Order Creation
Manufacturing order creation have MFG Order no, MFG order date, item code, item ref code, plan Qty, pending Qty, plan date etc. According to master production schedule no. this manufacturing order is created.

Material Requirement Planning

Material requisition planning is done and Indent is made. If some items are not available in inventory then such notification is shown and indent is sent for purchase of the same, which is an advantageous feature.

Batch Record

Batch record have all the details about the production batch such as batch type, contract type, product type, product category, std. Batch size, BOM,UOM, output quantity, batch MRP etc. Batch record is made for finished goods.

Lot Record

Lot record have the details of whole Lot i.e. Lot type, lot record date, lot type, product type, product name, standard lot size, start date and end date, etc.Lot record helps us to find the demand supply relation. Lot record is made for Semi finished goods.

Material Requisition

On the basis of the Batch record the final material requisition is made. Which have MRV no, date, product type, product name, item type, item name stock balance and other details.

BOM Based (PopUp)
Material requisition can be done on the basis of BOM also. Where each and every item detail are captured which are required to make the finished good. Here one can select the material which is required for production.

Material Receive

When material is received against the requisition the material receive is done. Here Item detail are captured along with AR details, quantity,UOM etc.

Production Jobcard

Here in Production Jobcard, actual entries of production procedure are captured. Here general details such as job card no., product name, batch no., batch size, process name etc. are captured.

Process Line Clearance

To proceed further for next process, line clearance is done which includes the checklist such as machine clearance, floor clearance etc. Process line clearance have the details such as sr. no. checklist, standard observation, actual observation, checked by, verified by etc.

Process Steps

Process steps sequence no. along with its start date and time and end date and time along with remark can be entered here.

Process Parameter Test

Process parameter test have steps name, parameter value, frequency type etc fields. It has limit type and standard and actual observation which helps to test the parameter. If there is any difference in-between then one can add deviation note to it and mention the reason for deviation in parameter value.

Machine Manpower Utilization

When process is defined, the machine required for that process to be done is also defined. To operate that machine operator is required that details are captured here in machine manpower utilization.

Consumption Details

Here in consumption details the actual material consumed in the process is tracked. Here material type, material request no., material receive no., etc are captured. From which one can get the material consumed and balance quantity of material.

Process Output

Here in process output, once you enter the process name , batch no, product name etc. we get serial no. wise whole batch detail and its packing type. Here weight of the material is also done and process loss is captured.

Bi-Product Output

When one process is done then sometimes bi product is generated along with the main output. Here details of that Bi product are captured. Details such as sr. no., Bi product name, Qty, UOM, Remarks , control ,warehouse etc are highlighted here.

Wastage Details

Waste material is generated at the end of some processes whose details are captured here in waste details. It has scrap item details

Production Breakdown

When any kind of error/ machine failure occurs then production is stop forcefully and its entry is made in production breakdown. After entering breakdown details the issue is logged in preventive maintenance system and the it is proceed further.