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Stores Management

Store Management is an essential part of any Pharma-manufacturing organization. The objective of a store is to efficiently and economically provide the right materials at the time when it is required and in the condition in which it is required.Keeping a close eye on the level of inventory requirements is the key to smooth and uninterrupted functioning of any production department. Sound functioning of a production department improves the overall working of other vital interrelated departments.


Material Indent is the first document issued by stores to Purchase Dept for ordering of the materials.Purchase Dept issues the PO and the Delivery note is prepared after receiving the goods in the Store, the person in the stores checks the goods physically and thereafter issues the delivery challan.


When the any department needs more materials, it requests them from stores department with the materials requisition voucher. This, again, adds a trail to show when the goods were moved from storage to that department. This form can also help store person to determine when to order more materials. If he see that goods are sitting in storage for months, they will probably stop ordering those materials so often.

Material Inward

Vehicle In Entry

When material or item is received at stores department the details of the vehicle used in transportation, date of entry, transport name, address, order no, party name is captured in vehicle in entry form. This form also record if the vehicle entered was empty or with material.

Vehicle Out Entry

Same as vehicle In form, Vehicle Out form keeps track on the vehicle leaving the premises of company. Same field as of the vehicle In form is present in this form too.

GRN against PO

Goods Receipt Note against PO is used when material is received in the stores. PO is a parent document to make a GRN. User will select vendor name. All pending PO will default automatically. User will enter Quantity information and save the GRN. This document is active document. GRN will add material into stock,Credit the vendor, QC department can reopen GRN and enter accepted quantity – this will automatically add item into main stores and if item is rejected, add into Rejection Location.


When stores generate GRN,the item is checked on basis of quality and quantity if the item received found to be faulty or expired then the Item is released from the stores to QC department for verification. If in verification the item found faulty and expired the stock is rejected. In this form the GRN No, Item name, batch no., AR No, Release date,re-test date,released quantity, UOM, Released By etc terms are recorded.

Material Inward

Service GRN

When any service is provided by third party, the details regarding the service, challan, valididty date, PO, invoice is tracked in this form. Also the service provider details has been captured in here.

Material Outward

Purchase Return Voucher

When GRN is made at Stores then some item which required QC test are released to QC department, when these items fail the QC test the purchase return is made via this form. Purchase return voucher has debit and credit sides. While making the purchase return voucher, the supplier’s account is debited and the purchase or purchase return is credited. Purchase return must be passed by the purchase department.

Sales Return

When a customer returns purchased Item, stores department account for the return. Sales return affects your inventory levels and cost accounts. Here sales return voucher details, item details along with quantity returned, Rate etc are traced.


Material is issued from Stores to the actual users from different department against a document called Material Issue voucher. Only Authorized persons from that department can raise the Issue notes for drawing the material from Stores.Stores issues the materials to the user department against the issue notes after scrutinizing the same. After the issue of materials these issue notes are sent to Accounts for issue accounting.

Stock Reconciliation

Stock Reconciliation is the process of counting and evaluating stock-in-trade, when at year end in order to value the total stock for preparation of the accounts. In this process actual physical stocks are checked and recorded in the system. The actual stocks and the stock in the system should be in agreement and accurate. If they are not, you can use the stock reconciliation tool to reconcile stock balance and value with actual.

Item Stock(Opening Stock Detail)

Opening stock detail have the details of the stock already present in stores i.e.it is the stock of an item at the beginning of a new inventory keeping period. It will have the record of each item i.e. Item Name,GRN, invoice no.,batch no, mfg date, supplier name, manufacturer name etc.

Warehouse Stacking

Warehouse stacking have the details of item, AR No.,release quantity, total quantity placed, No. Of container placed, status etc. It also has a Stack link on click of which you will get to know the position of that item in warehouse.


A storage type generally contains several storage spaces or slots. These are called storage stacks. The storage stack divided in block no, room no, rack no, shelf no,etc. The storage stack therefore describes the position in the warehouse where the goods are or can be stored.