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Purchase Management

Companies which purchase material from different vendors in large and varying quantities require a good ERP purchase module. A eresource LifeScience ERP Purchase module streamlines the functioning of procurement and purchase of raw materials, awarding orders to suppliers and billing.

The purchase module has an option to record all the details pertaining to a vendor and these details are the master data for vendors who supply goods to the company. The purchase department is entrusted with the task of purchasing materials required for manufacturing products in the organization. The purchase department is responsible for purchasing materials in the right quantities of the right quality at the right time.

PO Management

Direct Enquiry

Purchase of goods and services is done in absence of quotations. Direct purchases are made without tender process or quotation due to strategic reasons i.e. to gain competitive advantage in competitive environment.Just by putting Enquiry No and date one can put purchase order.Here Priority & followup by can be set. Also one an set terms and conditions.

Item Details:

Here one can view detail of items for which inquiry has been sent, which contains general details like PO enquiry no, enquiry date. Also the item details such as item name, item type, item code, brand UOM, quantity etc.

Via Indent Enquiry

When material requisition is done by stores or directly by any department then purchase request is sent via Indent. Then this indent is used to suppliers to get quotation of required item. One can view followups and schedule call from here to see the status of the purchase order.On the basis of indent the enquiry is send to different different supplier.The Purchase Enquiry form enables one to capture all the minute details for an enquiry.One can tag multiple indents and raise a common enquiry to the Vendor.

Item Detail:

Here one can view detail of items for which inquiry has been sent, which contains general details like PO enquiry no, enquiry date. Also the item details such as item name, item type, item code, brand UOM, quantity etc.Supplier against item list is also here to see which supplier provide which item. One can directly send the email to supplier for purchase.Delivery status can be seen here.


Direct Quotation

All required Information is been fetched from selected purchase enquiry against project and information is updated on the basis of received quotation.
The quotations from all the Vendors are to be booked here by capturing all the details viz; Rate, Discount, ED & other taxes to finally arrive at a Landed Cost.
When direct enquiry is made to only supplier then directly quotation is sent according to indent, after that purchase order is made which is quotation based.Here after selecting supplier name, currency type and currency rate one can proceed further to purchase order and purchase scheduling.

Item Details:

Use the Item Detail page to find a product’s features, specifications and additional information of that item for which quotation has been raised. You can also find alternate products as well as compare products from the Item Detail page. Once you’ve found the products you need, you can add them to quotations.

Via Enquiry

If Supplier is not fixed and there are several supplier then enquiry is done with all supplier and quotation is raised by all the suppliers. So here quotation is made via enquiry.information is available on the basis of enquiries raised by the user like purchase enquiry no, item details, indented quantity,required by date , supplier name etc.Once department is received any quotation against enquiry then one has to update the quotation information in this form.User has to select project name and purchase enquiry no. then automatically associated supplier list and item list populated.It should only populate those projects for which Purchase Quotations have been booked against the floated Enquiry.

Item Detail:

Here one can view detail of items for which inquiry has been sent, which contains general details like PO enquiry no, enquiry date. Also the item details such as item name, item type, item code, brand UOM, quantity, discount,amount etc.One can have item charges details in grid view to overview all the item.


Quotation Comparison

The Projects for which the Quotations have been updated against the Purchase Enquiries . It will be listed over pending for quotation comparison.In this form Only those projects to be listed for whom the quotations have been updated.Quotation will be compare on the basis of different parameter like expected delivery date, taxes, final landed cost ,discount etc.System will provide details visibility of items and respective supplier information on single screen.

Purchase Order

Direct Order

The direct Po is raise against the specific supplier.on selecting the “Direct”, all the items from the Item Master will be populated in the dropdown which have been tagged against the selected Supplier. The PO has the Delivery and Billing address option. The delivery address is the warehouse or site address& billing address is office address which comes from the projects.

Item Details:

Here one can view detail of items for Purchase order is made, which contains Item details like Item type, Item name, Item code,brand name,UOM, Amount,etc. Item details help us to choose the Item type accordingly from master data which will help to reduce the efforts.

Order Via Indent

PO from indent has the option to add the item through indent with the indent qty.Indent option will provide list of indent raised by store department against selected projects.The materials which are indented but yet to be procured will be reflected in this popup. Reflect only those indents against which PO has not been placed.On selection of supplier name all information is readily available like billing details etc. System will not allow to raise purchase order above than balance quantity.

Item Details:

Here in Purchase order via indent, the purchase order details i.e. PO no,PO date will show the item charge details. One can send direct email to supplier about the purchase order and track down the delivery status too.

Order Via Quotation

PO from quotation where in the order is raise against the quotation. On the selection of projects which is to be listed for whom the quotations have been selected from the Quote Comparison screen. Details like item name, supplier name, indent quantity, purchase quantity readily available.

Item Details:

When order is placed via quotation, item details can be viewed in Next tab which shows the purchase order detail along with item charge details.
Here one can select Register to see the Gross Amount. Also the mail detail which include supplier name, delivery status is available on same page.


When purchase order is placed against quotation then scheduling is done such as any item which is supposed to deliver on which date and in how much quantity.This form contains Item details,scheduling date,balance PO quantity etc.

Work Order

Service Order

A service order is a schedule of service activities. These activities involve external field service arising out of external preventive maintenance activities. These activities also involve internal preventive maintenance as well as well as internal field services. Return material processing and tools repair are also part of service order control. Here service provider details are populated from master. In table format all details of required service has been captured also the charges control are here.