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Human Resource Management

Payroll Year

The current payroll year is defining using Payroll Year Master. Payroll is the process by which employers pay an employee for the work they have done. Any business with employees should have a payroll established.

Shift Master

Different shifts in the organization are defined using the shift master. For example the day shift, night shift as shown in the screen.we have designed our Shift and Schedule master to manage shifts and group employees under each shift based on your different business and project needs. Our HR module not only helps create schedules and fit employees into them, they also enable employees and managers to request/change shifts as required.

Organization Chart

Organization calendar used to defines the working and non working days. Also defines the holidays in the year for particular organization.

Holiday Master

Holiday Master is used to define the yearly holidays.

Salary Head

Salary Head master is used to define the different salary head .which will be used in salary structure.

CTC Configuration

The Salary Structure represents how Salaries are calculated based on Earnings and Deductions.Salary structures are used to help organizations: 1. Maintain pay levels that are competitive with the external labor market, 2. Maintain internal pay relationships among jobs, 3. Recognize and reward differences in level of responsibility, skill, and performance, and manage pay expenditures.

Leave Master

The Fixed number of leaves per Employee for the particular Payroll year can be allocated using the Leave Master.

Employee Master

Employee Details

There are many fields you can add in your Employee records. As the organization grows, it becomes difficult to manage more records. It is advisable to keep updating and entering records to facilitate data management of employees.Employee records also help in keeping a list of your team’s skills,personal details,bank account details,employee salary details,additional details(e.g visa, passport details)previous employment history and emergency information.

Employee Salary Details

It defines the actual Salary structure of each individual employee including gross and net amount.

Shift Assignment

This section help to assign the shift to employee.

Attendance Rule

The Attendance Rule defines the early leaving and late coming rules with working hours.

Provident Fund

PF Rule defines the salary limit for PF and on which salary Head it is applicable.

Professional tax

This section defines the PT Slab according to category and yearly amount.

Bonus Rule

This section defines the bonus percentage and the salary head on which it is applicable.

Leave Configuration

This section defines the earn leaves of employees according to present days.

LWF Policy

This section defines LWF policy and rules.

Overtime Rule

The Overtime Rule defines the overtime minutes allowed in months with salary multiples.

Leave Application

This section allows Employee to apply for the leave ,outdoor and comp off with the Specific Date.

Leave Application Status

This section allows the Approval Authority to approve or reject the Application.

Additional Amount Repayment

This section gives provision for additional amount repayment in the specific month installment.

Leave Encashment

This section allows to encash the balance leave which ever is encashable.

Generate Salary

This section allows to generate the salary of employee.

Salary Slip Generation

This section allow to view and print the salary slip.

Expense Booking

This section gives the Provision to employee for Booking the Expenses.


This section allows to define the deliverable/KPI for Employee as well as for Department.

Assign Deliverable

This section gives the provision to assign the deliverable s to Employee and department with percentage of Standard Weightage and competency v/s Actual Weightage and competency.

Resume Posting

This section defines the candidate resume details like total experience,profile summary,personal detail & qualification etc.

Interview Schedule

This section gives the provision to assign the deliverable s to Employee and department with percentage of standard weightage and competency & actual weightage and competency.