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In the earlier days, when the industry was just waking up to the phenomena of an automated software running as well as co-coordinating all the activities of the various departments, the norm was to implement an ERP which was DOS based. This ERP operated on the command prompt, and it was one of the very first ERP’s to hit the market. This was also due to the reason that in the olden days, DOS was the predominant operating systems which were in vogue, and Windows was an unknown commodity. This was then followed by the advent of the Windows operating system, where people started waking up to the colorful world of graphics and images and viewing the picture of a sunset was not restricted to photographs or television or reality alone, but the computer screen could accommodate this too.


With the advent of windows and graphics came the ease of operations of various systems and departments due to the graphical nature of the system. The user did not have to stare at a black computer screen all the time. The ERP industry was slowly but surely waking upto the reality of the ERP running on a Windows system. Soon, it spread like a wildfire across the planet as almost all the industry domains were in dire need of an application which would completely automate all the departments and have them behave in a smooth and coordinated manner. This would improve the efficiency as a whole.


Cut to the 21st century and we have the best possible IT development of all time, with the arrival of the internet and the world-wide web. This was an absolute boon to billions of users across the world to communicate across continents at the click of a mouse. The arrival of the internet also ushered in the arrival of the Online ERP Software (online ERP Software). Now, this was something totally unexpected and unheralded in the world of ERP and IT as a whole. The Online ERP Software ensured complete transparency between the developers of the application as well as their clientele. Any sort of problem or difficulty could be immediately rectified at the click of a mouse. All it required was a server where the ERP was installed and a network connection to facilitate the online communication. Once all this was set, the ERP was installed on the server at the client site and it could easily be controlled by the ERP developers who were always on call to ensure that the ERP application was functioning smoothly and efficiently.


One of the frontrunners in this type of Online ERP Software was the Mumbai-Based Eresource ERP. An Infotech company totally dedicated to the development of Online ERP Software, it was one of the foremost Infotech companies to usher in the era of Online ERP Software in the country. Its growth was so phenomenal that the Online ERP Software is now is operational not only in India alone, but also in the Middle-East as well as the Asian continent, apart from the whole of India of course.


The advent of Online ERP SOFTWARE has brought about a complete change in the way a business functions and it is a portent of very good things to come

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