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Need-based ERP system is within your budget

Diverse Industry ERP system eresource ERP is capable of delivering specialized variants of their applications to service vertical markets such as government, healthcare and manufacturing segments. We have also moved into more specialized areas, such as supply chain management and demand forecasting or sales automation and marketing. eresource is offering customized solution to more than a dozen industrial segments.

Earlier companies implemented ERP system in all their running systems. Not only it has not helped them much but also it was proving to be a big hurdle to the companies. This also remained as the main disadvantage of ERP. Companies are forced to go for the full ERP system even if it meant that many of them would be not used.

eresource ERP modules have overcome this hurdle. With the introduction our Filtered ERP, companies are given the freedom to implement modules related to a particular function. This has helped to increase the scope of ERP not only among large firms but also small and medium businesses all well.

With the advent of Internet and Web-based ERP solutions like eresource ERP, SMEs also started benefiting from the advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning solution. This has not only given more room for SMEs to expand but also sky-rocketed the usage of ERP in bigger companies. Till now many major companies were shying away from investing large sums of money in ERP. With the need-based ERP applications such as eresource ERP investment in ERP has started showing the upward trend which ultimately resulted the companies yielding good return on their investment. It is encouraging to notice the improving trends in ERP implementations.

There was another reason why some companies discouraged ERP implementation. This is because it took such a long time to get an ERP system implemented and set the whole process into action. Since implementation of ERP system is involved a substantial amount of money there were chances for reduction in potential business and losing man-hours. eresource ERP has a quick implementation strategy with easy to learn training session. Needless to say on-time implementation is one of the success factors of eresource ERP.

Being a Web enabled ERP system, eresource helps in making the enterprise operations go on-line. Any authorized person can access the required information very easily and that too by sitting anywhere and anytime.