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Purchase Management

Purchase is one of the major part of any Manufacturing Industry. Purchase deals with all the items or products required which is not available in stores department, It collects list of items which are required , by the Industry, provides all departments with their necessary item requirements, keeps a ready count of the quantity of different items and deals with the suppliers in an endeavour to procure new stock.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order form in Purchase Management module allows the user to create Purchase Order after the selected quotation has been duly approved.

Purchase Scheduling

By using the Purchase Scheduling form purchases can be made as per the requirement based on the purchased order released in this effect.

Purchase Invoice

Purchase Invoice to be raised to purchase goods. Purchase Invoice form allows to specify General Details, Billing Details, Item Details, Charges Details of Product while purchasing.

Purchase Enquiry

On the basis of indent the enquiry is send to different suppliers. The Purchase Enquiry form enables one to capture all the minute details for an enquiry. One can tag multiple indents and raise a common enquiry to the Vendor. Detailed customer enquiry will be displayed in this form. . Enquiry can be either direct or via lead. You can also make General details in this form.

Purchase Quotation

This form enables to create quotation against purchase enquiry specifying all required details.

Purchase Enquiry Via Indent

Purchase Enquiry received via Indent can be send to various supplies to generate quotation.

Pending Approval

All pending purchasing enquiry includes that are received via Intend for which Enquiry has not been process will be populated here. Searching option provides project wise indent list which is raised by store department. User can select respective indent to convert the same into inquiry.

Quotation Via Enquiry

The form displays the Quotation received via Purchase enquiry from various suppliers.

Quotation Cancel

This form allows the user to cancel a quotation. There is also another form that allows the cancel the purchase enquiry.