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Lean Manufacturing gets its own ERP System

Whether an ERP system work good for a lean manufacturing organization is a question asked by many in this field. That is because they think an ERP system is too big to integrate into the framework of lean manufacturing segment. However, these questions have been rightly answered eresource Xcel ERP system which has been developed and implemented wisely with light versions as per the volume and size of various manufacturing organizations.

eresource Xcel ERP system has been designed to facilitate leaner methods of every functions. As you know a lean organization has detailed specifications of all of its actions for a process required to bring a product. An intelligently integrated ERP system will help these organizations in its every process such as from order to delivery and from raw materials to finished product as per the requirement. Once the perfect data been fed into the ERP system it takes care of all the process that is required to complete the manufacturing process.

Lean manufacturing companies produces quality products which needs makes sure that there is no need of after-the-fact inspections. Here too, ERP systems like eresource Xcel for Manufacturing can help in a big way.

Having said that a prime conflict between lean manufacturing and an ERP system lies in materials planning and production scheduling. ERP, with its top-down approach, depends on sales forecasts for materials planning. Lean process adheres to a pull-based production-scheduling mantra, with inventory kept to a minimum via an in-plant system that replenishes materials and parts as needed. Despite these differences, eresource Xcel enables lean manufacturers to coexist, and work together.

Implementation holds an important role in success of ERP usage. One common mistake in implementing lean manufacturing is to fail to define the value that you want to offer. eresource Xcel ERP system is implemented after the analysis of what the customer wants and needs, versus what your product/service currently has. The system incorporates your competitive position to assure that you have a value proposition that will be attractive to your customer. Just aiming your lean efforts on a product that doesn't meet the market needs and it will only cause frustration and wasted efforts. After the analyses of business process and system requirement the implementation must be carried out with features, functions and options that are right for the customer and market needs.

The implementation process must be done carefully under an able technical team. Once the company have decided to implement the ERP system, a review must be done on your all processes which are being required to meet your objectives.. It is also important to document all the activities that are necessary to specify and build the product for the customer. It is also important to capture every activity so that you may later determine which activities are value producing, and which are not. On the shop floor, you can start with the shop routings, but it is important to also capture the wait times, and queue times, if you have not already included those on your routing operations. eresource Xcel takes care of all these above matters which leads to the successful implementation of the system in a lean manufacturing organization.

There are also some other activities that must avoided to run a lean operation successfully which an organization will able to manage cleverly with the help of eresource Xcel ERP system.

Some of the activities that must be avoided are

  • Over Production
  • Waste of Unnecessary Motion
  • Waste of Inventory
  • Production of Defects
  • Waste of Waiting
  • Waste of Transportation
  • Waste of Over processing

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