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Innovation is a never-ending process with eresource ERP

eresource with its new innovations and industry-specific exclusive ERP system for every industrial verticals getting wide acceptance in the ERP market. Our Cloud ERP products are leading the way in providing a better user experience In terms of implementation and customization, As the mobile technology is being the buzzword, eresource is concentrating and deploying application that will easily compatible with various mobile operating system.

eresource on the path of providing powerful and easy-to-use mobile interface for its ERP application. Our efforts are to bring our ERP application to a fully mobile devices compatible which will allow users to complete actions using a mobile device.

For the mobile device usage, there is a strong need of improvement of the ERP user interface. Increased productivity and better user engagement are the main benefits for using a ERP application effectively. Reducing the processing time to minutes or seconds can bring lot of benefits to the business process. For service and support departments, that productivity improvement provides excellent benefits.

Fact is being that, there are still some organizations those are running on its legacy applications and are not interested in changing them immediately. it is essential for these organizations to begin by asking what their users want rather than forcing them to work on with the their old legacy system.

When you think of improving the ERP system or replacing the legacy system, there are many options available. Though the exercise may not be much easier, it is not difficult. Mapping out the current practice and steps staff use to accomplish work is an excellent starting point. With this process, companies can gather together software experts and the end users. The next step is to have the end users complete ten or twenty work tasks and narrate what they are doing. By understanding the workflow experience, IT managers and developers can identify ways to build a better ERP. Improvements may take the form of improved forms, eliminating steps or providing better integration with other departments.

A normal scenario in the ERP market is that many companies that are planning to implement or upgrade an ERP system is not guided properly. Not knowing which ERP system to choose, they end up selecting the wrong one which not only turns out be useless but also lot of money going into the doldrums.

eresource helps its customers with a thorough evaluation and selection process to identify the ERP modules that would best enable their future business requirements and corporate growth objectives. Eresource gather primary data to measure our whole system in general and modules in particular against your unique business and technical needs. We also identify the total cost of ownership to identify the right price for our customers. The result helps our customers to make a clear capital budgeting decision.