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Indian Manufacturers show signs of growth

Many of the Indian manufacturers, who have implemented eresource ERP recently, has started showing a steady growth in their business which in turn has helped to bring a considerable return on investment (ROI) in a short period.

eresource ERP, India's leading and exclusive web-based ERP solution aims to bring a software revolution in India's small and medium scale industry. ERP for India's SMEs who are limping behind the leaders in their respective fields required a strong foundation for their functional process. Till recently an ERP solution was a distant dream for many of them. But with the introduction of eresource ERP the situation has been changed and many of these manufacturing organizations have implemented our low cost ERP which falls within their budget.

As far as the Indian SMEs are concerned the customer is demanding fast turnarounds, which force the planning modules to be much smarter. A small mistake can be very costly. Therefore the ERP solution has to be flexible to accommodate changes and manage the process. With eresource ERP your business process to be more transparent, which ultimately helps add more customers to your client list.

The best lesson to be learned by the small and medium scale enterprises in India is you can't just compete on price and quality alone anymore. To keep pace with the competition you required a system. You need to have the ERP system on place. It will be too late if you don't realize it at the right time.