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Payroll Management


Dashboard in the Payroll module will give you a clear idea of employees salary related subject and other related matters.

Calender Organization

Calender organization will help the user to set holidays, date and time of functional importance of an organiztion which will be used for salary generation.

Generate Salary

Salary generation is very important task for an organization and it should be handled very sophisticately. Generate Salary form in the Payroll module will generate the salary by taking into the account of all aspects very effectively in few minutes. You will be able able to lock the salary record once it is paid and the record cannot changed or modified. There is also provision to to release or hold the salary of a employee.

Generate Salary Slip

Once you finished generating salary you can generate an attractive salary slip for your employees. This section will give all the details of employees and using these information you can easily generate the salary slip for all employees who are in teh payroll.