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How important is ERP training?

Many studies have revealed the fact that less number of ERP implementation has a smooth introduction that delivers the anticipated benefits. The remaining firms either experience teething problems or a significant shortfall in delivered benefits and the difference between the successful and the rest is better training.


Everyone knows that training is important, especially the ERP software vendors. They also charge the firms separately for training session. The third-party training firms, who conduct courses on how to operate an ERP vendor’s system, also know the important of training. Today training methods available in the market are plenty – on-site training, web-based virtual classrooms, computer-based training, knowledge warehouses, video courses, self-study books, context sensitive help screens – an almost endless menu to suit almost every need and budget.


The training should impart to the users the ability to figure out the underlying flow of information through the business itself. The program should explain the ERP basics, the business processes, how the ERP system functions, how it automates the business processes, how the action of a user affects the entire organization and so on. The focus should shift from mere training to providing education and with greater emphasis on education. Education will tell the users why they are doing it and will help in winning support for the project as it will enlighten the users.

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