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Visibility of all you Strategic Information, Anywhere , Any time

Strategic Information such as Sales Trend Analysis, Demand & Supply details, Operational Reporting, Financial Reporting, Management MIS Reporting at your fingertips One Single Unified Solution to manage and control all your Income, Expenses, Production, Inventory, Projects and over Analytical Reports.

You can access all your information now on your mobile device too!

Exclusive ERP system for Various industries

Understanding the need of various industry requirements eresource has developed exclusive ERP systems after thorough study of each industry functionalities and business process.

Manufacturing ERP

eresource Xcel ERP Software offers solution that enables manufacturers to compete in today’s aggressive business environment.

Construction ERP

eresource Nfra is an intelligently integrated ERP system for Construction that enables builders and contractors get a profitable outcome.

Pharmaceutical ERP

cGMP compliant Pharmaceutical ERP solution, eresource BPRO ERP has been integrated with highly regulated ERP modules.

Transportation ERP

The challenges faced by the Transportation Industry started witnessing rapid transformation with the advent of eresource 3GL ERP system.

Trading and Distribution ERP

eresource eTrade ERP system is an unique Cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution for all your Trading and Distribution business.

Automotive ERP

Updating outdated management system with Next-gen ERP like resource can reap significant benefits for the Automotive Industry.

Trusted By Over 4000 Worldwide Businesses.
Think in new dimensions. Work in cloud.

eresource ERP allows you to work from anywhere anytime. After all, it is your business.


Optimize Your Business Function That Will Be Part of a Revenue Process

eresource ERP system can help diminish working expenses by automating manual procedures, expanding efficiency and giving standard appearance of your business functions. Return on investment does not just imply in terms of financial gain. It can be in terms of the growth in productivity, efficiency, or in terms of overall improvement in the performance of the company.

Flexibility and Agility

Cloud computing is beginning to deliver tangible benefits to organizations. These developments include increased flexibility and agility to business process.

On time Implementation

Not only just choosing the right ERP but also the effective implementation contributes to the successful functioning of the ERP. eresource has been widely acclaimed for its quick implementation process.

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