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eresource is a fully integrated mobile and dynamic ERP solution

eresource ERP, with its new additions in each every industry verticals, is now providing users the opportunity to access their data anywhere, on any mobile device. eresource's latest exclusive additions under the Cloud technology, which supports different verticals is designed to address any inflexibility of existing ERP software by allowing businesses to choose the deployment option that fits their specific needs.

eresource ERP on Cloud is a cost-effective option for small and medium-sized businesses and offers extensive benefits for growth and expansion. We have developed exclusive application for different industrial verticals with freedom to scale and grow. Being a Cloud-based solution it also gives freedom from all other IT constraints and offers high-level security , privacy and easy accessibility. With all your data in the cloud, you can move it at any time. Any new features and additions could be integrated when and where it is required as your business demands.

Being a cloud-based ERP solution, this solution is hosted in a platform over the Internet. Therefore the application could be accessed from anywhere at any time with a Net connection you have, either in your lap or mobile. At eresource, the bottom line is that ERP software whether that is deployed in a cloud environment or a on-premise deployment. eresource Cloud ERP environments are built using virtualization and load balancing technology that allows applications to be deployed across multiple servers and database resources. Eresource ERP software on Cloud benefits customers a lot. Scalability of the application and reduced hardware costs are added advantage. Apart from this, Cloud computing technology make it easier for us to deploy it for our customers and they do not have to manage hardware, software and other upgrades.

When it comes to Cloud computing, Web Technology holds the success key. Cloud-based ERP applications are accessed through a web-based browser. By using web-based browser, customers receive many benefits that are not inherently part of The Cloud. By eliminating client software, customers save time and money on installation and maintenance. In addition, the web delivers access from any device on any platform without any expensive and complicated remote access software.

Web-based ERP solutions such as eresource ERP solutions are managed from a central data store to guarantee that users can access real-time data and dashboards from anywhere. The benefits of web software are especially significant when companies have multiple locations or companies.

Without new innovations and exclusive ERP solutions for different industry verticals eresource ERP software is setting a new standard for performance and innovation in ERP system. Today eresource has become established ERP software in the field of Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing (Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals), Construction and Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Fleet Management, Logistic Management, Sales and Trading, Preventive Maintenance and Human Resource Management.

Please calls us or write to us today to know more about this fully integrated, mobile, and dynamic solution that can help your business tremendously.