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Tyre Inventory Management

Inventory of Tyre is maintained through in this module.

Tyre GRN

When new tyres are recieved in stores, Tyre GRN is made. Here every details of new tyre is captured along with manufacturer name,tyre number,branch where it is received etc.

Claim GRN

If Tyre had some issues with its working then it is send for Claim, after the issue has been resolved theTyre is recieved by the owner after doing Claim GRN where all the details of the Tyre and its issue with the status is been filled for record.

Claim Send

Here reason for claim needs to be filled with details of tyre size, tyre type, tyre pattern, NSD, reason for claim. All the tyre sent for claim are approved and then shortlisted tyre are send for claim.

Job Card Pending

When Tyre is sent for maintenance, Job card for individual is made depending upon the process the tyre will go through. The pending Jobcard is shown here in Job Card Pending. It will show the details for Tyre.

Send to Branch

If requisition is made for tyre and is available in one of then branch then by doing Send to Branch one can send the Tyre within branch by entering all the details.

Tyre Scrap

The tyre which are sent for scrap have to mention all the details of Tyre in this form along with the details of tyre. It also has NSD measurement coloumn and remark coloumn.