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Stores Management Module

Stores module provides a powerful and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your inventory information. eresource ERP Inventory Management facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status

Requisition Tarpaulin

When there is a requirement of Tarpaulin an requisition is raised against it by that department, by putting it in system one can easily see the history about that Item. Also one can add the no of quantity required, its unit of measurement and balance quantity too.

Requisition Spares

If stores is out of Spares or having less number than required then Requisition is made for spares, here also all details of required Spare is mentioned and this requisition is then sent to Purchase in order to process further.

Requisition Wheel Panha

Requisition is made against Wheel Panha if that item is out of stock, the entry made in Requisition directly hit to purchase module so as to proceed further and place order. here also one can see history of the same item.

Requisition Branch

Requisition can be made against the branch also. If the Item required in one branch is available at another branch then Requisition to branch is made.Tthe branch which will receive it recieve under Recieve To Branch.

Spares Direct GRN

When Spare Requisition is made, after approval of the same the requisition is forwarded to Purchase department and when that Item is received at stores, a Direct GRN is made with all the details of received Item.

Parts Scrapped

Sometimes the damaged parts are received in Stores. To remove them from stores Parts Scrapped form is us ed where all the details of that Scrapped item is entered. It is then approved by the department owner and proceed further.

Tarpaulin Issue

Tarpaulin is Issued against the details given such as Vehicle no., driver name, etc. after issuing the same the stores is updated.

Tarpaulin Receive

Once Tarpaulin is received it is received against the details submitted by receiver which contains details such as vehicle no. Issued location etc.

Jack And Rod Send for Claim

If the Jack & Rod is found to be defective or not usable then it is send for claim. When it is send for claim then the old one will be replaced by a new Item and added the count in the stores.

Jack And Rod Send For Scrap

If the Jack and Rod is damaged or ruptured then it is send for scrap. It is then verified that is it repairable or not, if not then it is finally send to scrap and the quantity is then lessen from the stores.

Status Change

If any Item has been registered with different status such as if Item is New, for Claim,On Vehicle,for Repair, for Scrap etc. and afterwards you find its status id different then one can use this Status Change form to make changes.

Job Card Closed

When an Item is send for Claim or for Scrap or for Repair then a Jobcard is made against it once the process is done there is facility to Close that open Job card. This Job card details came from Maintenance Module

Fitment Report

There are several reports generated for Jack & Rod such as vehicle wise,ledger,register,stock,fitment,scrapped report etc. Here in Fitment report after putting Jack and rod number you will get all information related to that Jack & rod.

Scrapped Report

This Report is generated against all Scrapped Item.

Ledger Report

Here Ledger wise report is generated against Jack and rod Item.