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Master Management Module

eresource 3GL ERP Masters Module has all Forms which work as Master Forms for the Transportation and logistic industry . Our exclusive ERP for Transportation have Masters and Transaction concept where in all Master Data is defined which are only selectable in the Transaction Forms. This will eliminate repeated data entries for common data like Products, Clients, Suppliers, Country Names, and City Names etc. All Masters are mainly classified into Geographical Data, Initial Data, Product Data, and Store Data & Ledger.

Vehicle Master

Diesel Master

Driver Master

Driver working in Company can be defined here along with all their information and contact details. Driver Information is captured in this module. This is a part of Human Resource Management, though – but for the sake of convenience an independent section is created. This section maintains driver information including the Insurance of Drivers, Payment information and performance of drivers.

Route Master

Location Master

Location Master have the details of the locations where transportation is going to take place so that Admin can have analysis on the same

Item Group Master

In Item Group Master, when click on Insert, you will find option to add child Item Group under it. User can create a new product sub category "sub category" by clicking the Insert button, selecting the Product category under which the user wants to create a sub category, and typing the new sub category in the Sub category description text box.

Item Master

In Item Master general details about item can be entered with unit of measurement and reference details. Item Group Master is where It can be practical to organise Items of similar kinds into Item Groups. This option can make the task of entering Items easier and gives you more flexibility in reporting. The Item Groups can be set in here

Agent Master

All Sales/Purchase Agents can be defined here in this form along with their information of Contact and PAN No. etc. Posting Account of Agent can be also selected. Also general Percentage (%) of Commission of the Agent can be given with his Details which will be applicable in all sales and purchases if selected. Here Client / Supplier wise Agent Percentage Broking Commission can also be defined which can be specific to them with different values.

Bonus Penalty Master

For voucher no. config. branch details, module name, form name is captured here.Our ERP provides option for voucher no. generation where you can generate voucher no. Date wise, Month Wise, Numeric, Alphanumeric or user defined..

Lot Master

Lot tracking system records information regarding a batch of product. Lot tracking allows to track several units of a stock item using the same lot or batch number. User can determine what can be purchased or sold by Lot status. Here you can add details about Lot and cities for transaction.

Zone Master

Names of All Area/Zone/District so that Admin can have analysis on the same in combination of City/State/Country. Zone wise data is entered here and zone is also defined here.

Stock Item Details

Stock items are goods that you trade (sell and purchase). It is the primary inventory entity. Stock Items in the Inventory transactions are similar to ledgers being used in accounting transactions.

Transit Master

The total time from pick up to delivery is captured here. All the details of destinations along with routes are mentioned here.