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Transportation Industry is witnessing tremendous changes in its working method for the last 10 years. The changes can be directly attributed to the technological advancement that has been witnessing in all industrial segments. As far as the Transportation Industry is concerned the technology is moving beyond the dash. Thanks to web-based technology with more advanced and affordable Transportation ERP systems that makes business process quick and easy.


Web-based Transportation ERP system can use data to manage the maintenance of the truck or monitor how a driver is operating the vehicle as well as the tyre management. The system can effectively perform the management for an individual truck or driver, a fleet of trucks, or team of drivers — in one location or across multiple locations. It’s possible to feed that information across the organization through the system, such as labor management (LMS), warehouse management (WMS) or Customer Management or tyre management to drive process improvements.


The prime task of a transportation ERP system used to keep track of maintenance. Indeed, that is still the most common use of the technology, aiding equipment manufacturers to improve their products as much as end users. With the use of transportation ERP system, it is easy to identify what repairs were made on what trucks and at what intervals of usage. It is also possible to keep account on failure of parts, so that a detailed analysis can be made on affected parts and implement programs to reduce the cost.


The maintenance system helps schedule of planned maintenance events and to track unplanned and exception repairs. Those repairs can also be compared against the hours of use to see if a truck is getting more or less hours between repairs than is expected or if the truck is getting more maintenance than is necessary for the hours of operation. Together, they provide a snapshot of how the truck is performing and how it is being maintained.


Web-based eresource ERP system system for Transportation Industry can be used to automate the components of a maintenance transaction. The system can ensure that a technician has the right tools and parts to address an issue on the first call. This helps the management to obtain as much information as possible before a service call even gets to the dealer.


The ERP system also supports the management to decide about the correct utilization of its fleet in a very effective manner. When analyzing how a truck is being used and how effectively the time management has been maintained, there are chances that the management might find that instead of 10 trucks in the shipping department, they only need eight. This information gathered will help the management in a big way to organize its fleet in a more operative mode, which ultimately reduces expenses.


The tracking system in the eresource Transportation ERP system not just a tracking system for trucks alone, it can also be effectively used to monitor the performance of the operators too.


Some of the transport company managers assume their fleet is being fully utilized throughout its operational time because of the nature of work that will be going on in the place within a plant or distribution center. This conclusion has been made on the basis of the work that has been performed in the same plant on previous occasion, even if products, processes and lines have changed. They might even have more trucks than they realize. eresource ERP system for transportation could provide hard data to back up or refute those assumptions.


In addition to right sizing the fleet, the eresource ERP system for transportation industry can also be used to monitor workplace safety regulations compliance and impact from operator errors.


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