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Contract Management Module

eresource 3GL Contract Management is a transportation contract management tool designed to boost business power by cutting down on manual workload. Manage pricing, terms and conditions for all your transportation providers in a single, robust contract management tool.This module ensures contract compliance through collaboration and automation.

It is user-friendly transport contract management tool and can easily be integrated with your business systems

Customer Contract

Here in Customer Contract, the Contracts are linked with Consignment booking and billing. Validity Detail,Customer details and General Details about Contract such as Contract no., Contract Date, Contract Name,Work order no., Work order date etc.is entered. One can upload Scan Copy of work order here.

Plant List

Here Contract Details is maintained Plant Wise. Where Plant details along with plant code,plant point name etc. is generated.

Frieght Rate Master

Freight rate master have contract wit customer on the basis of freight rate which depends on the source to destination distance, product to be transported, vehicle type, priority of product etc.

Delay Master

In Delay Master delay in transition is captured and Penalty for the same is fixed also the bonus per day is fixed here.

Material List

Here in Contract, Commodity can be added. One need to enter the Plant Code, Plant Name, Commodity,Vehicle Type etc.

Destination List

Here in Destination List all the details of Station, Sub station,city, state zone are populated along wit general details such as contract name, Contract details, contract start date and expiry date etc.

Deduction Master

Contract is done on the basis of Deduction type. Here category is made such as for material shortage how much deduction etc.Shortage related rules are also set here.