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Battery Management Module

Battery Management Module gives you clear visibility to the integrated effect of current and future supply and demand, thereby enabling you to make better decision about purchase and reduce excess and obsolete inventories.

Battery GRN

When requisition is made for battery,stores department purchase the required quantity and when the Item is received at stores deaprtment you need to GRN i.e. goods recieve note. After doing this the Inventory is updated.

Repair GRN

Repair GRN is made when the Item is approved to be sent to repair and sent for Repair to vendor. Here charges for repair are also filled in by vendor and details of the problem the vehicle or item have.

Battery Send For Repair

If Battery is not functioning the way it should be then it can be sent for repair after approval by department head.

Battery Receive From Branch

In branch requisition if you find there is a battery available at another location then battery Jobcard is issued against that branch which is 'Send to Branch'. When the battery is received then its is to be called Receive from Branch.

Battery Scrapped

If battery is not usable then it is sent for scrapped with an approval from the department head. The out entry is done from the stores department after the Battery Scrapped.

Status Change

If Battery have status i.e. On Vehicle, Scrap, Claim, Second etc. and it is different from actual status, then by using status change we can make changes to existing status.

Fitment Report

Here in Fitment report all the information about battery is fetched right from maintenance deaprtment, stores department etc showing the battery status with remark and the driver name too.

Scrapped Report

Scrapped report shows the detailed information about battery date of fitment,last removal date, reason for scrapped etc.

Ledger Report

Here Ledger wise report is generated which contains manufacturers name, battery brand, battery size, battery number and battery current status.