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Admin Management Module

This is the Admin module where you will be creating your company account. All the details about your company like General details, Registration details and Other details of the branch or divison of your company could be entered through this form. You can also create your employee details, rights for your employees as per the responsibilities they have been entrusted with can be assined through this module. You can also define the time duration and number of days on which the employees will be working.You can set the target for employees as per their role.

Work flow of the employees will be automatically notified to the reporting authority.You can create your own style of voucher number using date wise, Month wise, Numeric or Alpha Numeric options.Client master enable you to keep the complete information of the client including credit information, term and condition, billing dispatch information and general details.

Company Creation

Creating a Company involves providing basic information about the company.The data path where you want the company to be created is specified in the General Detail field. You can Add company name,Country name,State Name, Pin code etc. Selecting India from the List of Countries brings up a State, Pin Code and Telephone No. field. and one Can Add, Edit, Delete,Search or Export the details from toolbar provided on upper left hand corner. Registration Details of Company are filled in here

Branch Creation

If a Company have multi location offices then one can do a entry of that offices with details here so that all the data can be gathered under one system which gives better visibility.

Employee Creation

If some one outside of Company needs to use ERP then from here the details of that employee is entered and employeed code gets assigned to him. The other employee details are directly fetched from HR Module

Employee Hierarchy

Employee hierarchy is defined from here i.e. who is going to report whom will be defined here. You can Add, Edit, Search the information. Also one can see the Organisation Chart by clicking on right upper corner.

Financial Year

An organisation has the finacial year defined by the management which is edited and saved here at the start of every financial year.

Login Page Configuration

From here the login page can be configured, you can put a logo of your company in the middle also change the images at the bottom as per your company standards.

Role Access Rights

Role Name is assigned here.Company wise rights, branch wise rights, module wise rights, form wise rights are assigned from here.By ticking checkbox here you can assign the access to person for specific form or module or branch or company which makes company's data more secure.

Role Master

Role Code along role name is alloted here in role master,Edit/Inactive functionality of role is provided here.

Voucher No Configuration

For voucher no. config. branch details, module name, form name is captured here.Our ERP provides option for voucher no. generation where you can generate voucher no. Date wise, Month Wise, Numeric, Alphanumeric or user defined..

Voucher No Setup

Here you can set voucher configuration detalis that how should be voucher displayed.

Workflow Configuration

Transaction Settings are done from here.Associate settings are done from here such as Auto email, Auto SMS, Auto notification