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ERP Solutions in India

India is a developing nation and it will take some time before it takes rapid strides along with the rest of the developed world. However, it is not the case that the world is unaware of the growing clout of the country in each and every sphere of Industry. Because of the opening up of the economy, India as a country has been making giant strides in almost each and every sphere of Industry, ranging from the Pharma Industry to the Automobile Industry.

The rapid strides made by our scientists in areas as far flung as stem cell research, to the development of the first Indigenous and cheapest car in the world, the Nano, strives to establish this fact.

Now, with rapid industrialization comes the question of a more effective and efficient way to speed up existing processes. This is where ERP Solutions in India should lead the way forward.ERP solutions in India are still at a Nascent stage so to speak, and there is still a long way to go before it becomes firmly entrenched in the average Indian psyche as a way of life.

However, with the rapid growth of industry, it is only a matter of time before this dream becomes a reality, and the day will come when ERP solutions in India is the bread and butter of the Industry.

ERP Solutions in India have to become more commonplace in order to penetrate the grassroots level as this is the sector (e.g. small scale industries like Cotton, and the Dairy Industry) which will make a huge difference in growth between India and the rest of the world. These Industries are more or less rural in nature and the advent of ERP Solutions in India will serve as a great boon to these industries which more or less have been taken for granted. Infotech companies like the Mumbai-based EResource ERP are actively engaged in aggressively promoting ERP Solutions in India as a way of life for the Industry.

Thus, we can say that ERP Solutions in India are here to stay for a long time to come, the only thing required is a firm push for ERP Solutions in India to really take off.

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