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An effective WMS is must for Manufacturing and distribution companies


Any manufacturing company that manages distribution as part of their business process by delivering your manufactured products to customers needs an efficient Warehouse Management System. Not only the manufacturing companies but also the all distribution companies have to implement a suitable ERP system that has been intelligently integrated with an Warehouse Management system. eresource, one of the most sought-after web-based ERP system has been integrated with a very powerful Warehouse Management system that could make warehouse management a easy and smooth process for all manufacturing as well as distribution companies. As far as business operations in distribution companies are concerned, labour efficiency is a key factor for success. eresource ERP with its warehouse management that has robust capability to optimize pick-and-pack strategies. The arehouse management module in eresource ERP offers different picking options, allowing you to experiment and find the one that suits your operations.


One of the features of warehouse management in eresource ERP is its bin control and your required level of sophistication. The inventory control in eresource ERP, you will learn that if you put generic inventory into a bin location, and then remove it in its entirety and ship it, you probably need a different level of bin control complexity. And that is a different level of sophistication. Using eresource ERP warehouse management effectively is about emphasizing capability when it aligns with your business strategy, and simplifying as much as possible the features that are not mission critical. With this system you will be able to do these operations effectively and successfully. Warehouse management module in eresource ERP provides a steady stream of new supply chain workflows, from which users can pick and choose only those workflows they want.


Apart from above factors, most importantly, an effective Warehouse Management module can reduce human errors by preventing product from being put away in the wrong location, picking the wrong product, or picking the correct product but in the wrong quantity. Additionally, such a system can increase the productivity of the warehouse by reducing traveling time, maximizing the use of available space, and suggesting moves for better space utilization.


eresource Inventory Management facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.


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