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A reliable ERP system must for printing and packing industry

In printing and packing industry the actions are very fast as you need to be ready to meet any urgent requirement of the your customer. Delivering of fast turnaround and preparation of quotations makes big difference in taking your printing and packing business to the right direction. Also important is the ability to quickly estimate accurate cost and pricing information based on multiple run quantities is crucial. A powerful ERP system like resource can assit your printing and packaging industry with a suitable working method which could meet the all the above requirements. In our ERP system the scheduling and costing systems addresses to setup and run times, sub contract operations and customer approval processes. The system also makes you manage your art department, presses, labour, inks, dyes and sheet stock efficiently. The system has the ability to accurately calculate delivery promise dates at the time of quoting of every jobs.


As far as as a printing organization is concerned a sound estimating and pricing practices are essential and eresource ERP system is the right application to help you making a accurate estimate. Because an estimate that accurately reflects actual costs plays a key role in making intelligent pricing decisions and determining your bottom line. The speed in which you can provide your customers with a price quote reflects your organization’s ability to provide prompt service. An estimate is also critical for forecasting materials requirements, labour and equipment resources, production schedules, and costs.


Clients leverage our printing and packaging ERP system features flexible and intelligently integrated ERP modules based on industry’s best practices and amended by industry-specific solution components. The printing and pacckaing business normally caters to a wide spectrum of packaging, graphic, communication, writing, printing and specialty paper requirements through multiple world-class manufacturing units Therefore, a effective ERP solution that could match with your business spectrum is necessary to manage it successfully and profitably..


eresource ERP solution for Printing and Packaging have many advantages and facilities and we describe some of them of hereunder:


Intelligently integrated modules likes material management, controlling and financial accounting with quotation delivery using real-time data.
Automatic machine and performance calculation.
Production related calculation of quantities of all raw materials, auxiliary materials and semi-finished goods, as well as costs for external procurement
Automatic creation of digital job tickets or production papers, including all required information such as specification documents, start and end dates, quantities, waste, components, work centers and operation details
Multiple freight and warehouse cost calculations
Handling unit generation with barcode for traceability
Integration of mobile devices for tracking for warehouse management
Bidirectional data exchange and status monitoring of prepress jobs with the digital prepress workflow
Manufacturing Model View


Customer Relationship (CRM)


Bill of Material Management
Material Production Scheduling
Material Requirement Planning
Purchase Management
Production Management
Quality Control & Assurance
Jobwork Management
Plant Maintenance Management
Account & Finance
Human Resource Management

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