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Pharmaceutical ERP

Pharmaceutical Industry is Quality submissive Industry.  Pharma Manufacturing companies should mandatorily adhere to all FDA regulatory requirements including ISO 13485 and 21 CFR Part 11, and other ISO compliance standards.  As a part of regulatory standards of GMP, pharmaceutical industries are required to maintain documentation of the entire manufacturing process and batch execution process. There are many challenges faced in Manual Batch Manufacturing record system, likewise:

Documentation is Laborious and repetitive as similar data appearing at many places.

  • Integrity and version management of the templates
  • Possibilities of human errors making the compliance with cGMP difficult.
  • Substantial time spent on approval and review process.
  • Reconciliation of errors leads to wastage of time, paper and valuable resources.
  • Report configuration, retrieval of records is time consuming.
  • Maintaining audit trails of various processes is tedious.

Pharmaceutical ERP

ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry is not a choice, it is a necessity.

Pharma Product manufacturing companies must have effective software to manage data and information in a proper manner and use them efficiently whenever required. Therefore, selection of a right ERP Software is very important. ERP solution is a unified Integrated solution that automates the main functionality of an organization thereby facilitating the flow of information among the different functions of an enterprise, while also permitting information sharing across organizational units no matter of geographical locations.ERP system that is specific to Pharmaceutical industry is the most effective way to maintain Batch Manufacturing records and also identify and track every single raw material from receipt through processing, packaging and shipping, to the exact customer location.  Eresource ERP for pharmaceutical Industry is a FDA Compliance ERP solution designed specifically for Pharma Industry.

Eresource ERP is the best fit for Pharmaceutical industry because it contributes the industry best practices for e-documenting the BPR/BMR. The BPR in eresource allows you to track the Batch manufacturing right from the Raw material requisition until the release order issued by the Quality Assurance department, thus, making Batch work-in-progress monitoring just a click away. It also handles the In-progress quality Check (IPQC) and Quality Assurance record for each batch after the beginning and completion of each process.