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Brain of your planning activities- ERP Scope

eresource ERP is a modular solution built for vertical enterprises, which supports Sales, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Inventory and Material Management, Quality, Research and Development, Production, Quality, Finance, Human Resource, and service functions, amongst others.

eresource ERP's major strength lies in the manufacturing modules that provide multiple benefits. eresource, ERP is key to business process automation. eresource ERP helps you control your day-to-day business, irrespective of whether the day is spent on the shop floor or around the board table. Once implemented, eresource ERP will be the heart of your manufacturing business, the wheels of your distribution channel and the brain of your planning activities

eresource ERP is the most reliable enterprise resource planning application, providing organizations with the strategic insight, ability to differentiate, increased productivity and flexibility they need to succeed. eresource ERP helps drive innovation and supports future of your organization.

eresource ERP benefits at a glance

  • eresource ERP offers the functionality you need to increase efficiently across your enterprise.
  • Completing daily task efficiently - Business automation
  • Integrating department for real time collaboration and security.
  • Linking branches, factory, sales, purchase, dispatch/delivery, supply chain management spread across different geographical location at real time.
  • Uniform monitoring system for customer, suppliers, vendors and partners
  • Managing organized and streamlined business process - purchase, sales, Inventory, billing, production, receipt, payment, HR, Taxation, Excise and Exports.
  • Maintaining efficient product catalogue.
  • Keeping day-to-day track sales, dispatch & payments
  • Calculating accurate production costing
  • Accessing consolidation financial information
  • Accessing daily report without depending on anyone.
  • Timely Delivery and reducing inventory yet maintaining production cost.
  • Maintaining best practices and introducing Industry best practices
  • Ensuring that everyone in the organization is responsible and accountable