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What is the importance of ERP maintenance phase?

The ERP system needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. The ERP plan needs revision and updating as per the changing situations in the organization. We have already seen that the ERP system should be reviewed regularly.


The review comments and suggestions should be incorporated into the system. Also the ERP system needs fine-turning as the employees become familiar with it. Once the ERP system has reached a stable state necessary action should be taken to improve the performance.


The ERP tools that are implemented are another area that needs maintenance. The project manager should be in regular contact with the vendors to see whether any upgrades or updates are available. All patches and upgrades should be installed to ensure that the tools are working at their maximum efficiency.


Employees should be given refresher courses on the new functionality that gets added with each new upgrade. The training documentation should also be updated so that it is in sync with the procedures and processes.

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