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Is it difficult to manage ERP implementation projects?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation project is complex in nature, involves a lot of people, require the coordinated effort of a number of groups. It also needs substantial investment and has a long completion period. To successfully implement an ERP system is a very difficult task and requires huge efforts from all the stakeholders.


ERP systems have fundamentally changed the work of IT organizations. The sheer size and complexity of ERP implementation makes managing these projects difficult. There are really two basic sides to ERP management, people and technology. An ERP packages touches the entire organization and can affect nearly every employee. In some cases, an ERP project manager may not be able to know who will be affected, which can lead to some nasty surprises. One mismanaged ERP implementation can lead to huge loss of time and money.


The project manager must cope with many tasks. Whether you are implementing one module or multiple modules, you must ensure consistently and full integration across the various sub-projects, which is an enormous effort even for an experienced system architect.

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