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Why ERP implementation is a challenging task?

There are few information systems whose design and implementation challenge an organization like enterprise resource planning (ERP). Done right, a new ERP implementation can dramatically improve business processes. But when an implementation fails huge amounts of money and effort could be misspent.


It is important to be aware of how ERP as a technology evolved, what its strengths and weaknesses are and the nature of important implementation challenges. Further, understanding of how ERP and legacy system metadata can be used to simplify implementation and help organizations best plan for this exciting new challenge.


ERP solutions provide integrated applications that access standardized enterprise data – replacing the unorganized legacy system. Following are the some of the challenges to a successful ERP implementation.


Inadequate definition of requirements
Resistance to Change
Inadequate Resources
Inadequate Training and Education
Lack of Top Management support
Unrealistic expectations of benefits and ROI
Miscalculation of time and effort
Poor communications
Software business process incompatibility
Poor project design and management
Poor ERP package selection

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