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eresource ERP for Trading

An effective eresource ERP solution for your Trading and Distribution Business

eresource ERP system is a leading web-based enterprise solution for all your trading business. This ERP package consists of integrated business application with better decision making-tools. eresource ERP trading system provides an end-to-end solution that organizes and trading ERP modules controls every aspect of business from order management, operations, supply-chain and logistics, to documentation, accounting and business intelligence reporting.

Our ERP system enables your back-office to work more effectively, Trading ERP software helps to improve customer service, empowers your sales team to monitor trends, and manage true order profitability. All while providing the best financial control that you can expect from a business management web-based application. It enables you to adapt best business practices as well as leading computing technologies accepted by the trading industry. eresource trading ERP software comprehensively covers customer management, supply chain and business accounting for small, medium and large business management trading enterprises. Trading ERP software creates greater room to grow your business rather than just manage it.

Best Trading Business Management Software

eresource ERP system enables predictable business performance by enabling actionable information to every decision maker in the enterprise. Our technology offers an unprecedented range of monitoring, trending, forecasting, reporting, and analyzing capabilities within a single architecture to allow everyone to make better business decisions every day, and drive business performance goals.

Trading ERP - Modules

Sales Management

Sales management module in eresource etrade ERP automates lead generation, lead tracking, follow-ups etc.

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Purchase Management

Purchase management module in eresource etrade ERP streamlines the procurement of required raw materials,packaging materials.

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Stores Management

Stores management module in eresource etrade ERP provides a superior inventory control that will help you to free-up capitals.

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Payroll Management

Payroll management module in eresource etrade ERP streamlines the management of human resource and human capital.

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Accounts Management

Accounts management module in eresource etrade ERP gathers financial data from various functional departments.

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