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ERP for Nutrition Food Industry

cGMP and FDA Compliant Batch Manufacturing ERP Software

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ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry

Benefits of eresource Bpro in Nutrition Food Industry

  • Improves the productivity of process
  • Lowering the cost of products
  • Inventory reduction
  • Quality Control Management
  • Faster product / service look-up and ordering saving time and money
  • Automated ordering and payment
  • Increases organizational transparency and responsibility
  • Accurate and faster access to data for timely decisions
  • Improved customer service
  • Saves enormous time and effort in data entry
  • Facilitates strategic planning
  • Uniform reporting according to global standards

eresource Bpro ERP for Nutrition Food Industry

A comprehensive platform to address challenges faced by nutrition food processing industry

eresource Bpro ERP for nutrition food industry provides customers the option of using the CRM to address Sales Force Automation, Opportunity Management, and Marketing Campaign requirements. This web-based ERP system can be used for tying together the workflow and communication requirements with its online interaction. In the nutrition food industry, the delivery sides are normally characterized by an extensive distribution system such as having many depots and dealers. eresource Bpro ERP can influence the management of stock at these stock points by minimizing stock outs and reducing the overall inventory levels. Sometimes, the stocks in the distribution network are a cause of considerable worry for the companies. Managing the inbound and outbound logistics becomes a key challenge and these challenges can be tackled successfully with eresource Bpro ERP system.