ERP for Mining Industry

Effectively manages all departments of mining industries


eresource Xcel ERP solution is one of the best-suited enterprise solution for small and mid-sized mining companies. eresource Xcel ERP system has been developed with integration of business processes based on industry best-practices supporting requirements in areas including Financial, Production Reporting, Procurement, Maintenance, Capital Projects, Fixed Assets and Business Intelligence.

Generally mining industry is a huge and fast growing segment which has been operated with the help of a large number of manpower and machinery. Hence this industry often faced with challenges that must be tackled effectively with the help of a suitable enterprise solution tool.

To tackle challenges and manage improvement in business, operation and production in mining industry company perfect ERP for Mining Industry that can effectively manage all departments of mining industries like finance, warehouse, distribution and operations.



Key Features





• Multi Branch Functionality   RFQ (Request for Quotation)
Sales Enquires & Quotation   • Stock Reconciliation
Sales Order Scheduling   • Inward Test Quality Control 
Sales Order Short Close   • Transaction Approval
• Multi Level BOM   • In-Process Quality Control
Final Production Quality Control   • Audit Trail
Production Planning   • Final Production Quality Control
Material Requirement Planning   Menu wise Access rights
Auto Material Requisition   Inward Test Quality Control
Auto Indenting Production Costing   In-Process Quality Control
• Wastage Generation   Outward Test Quality Control
Purchase Order Scheduling • Role wise Security Access
Rack wise Inventory Maintenance   Online User Tracking
Purchase Order Short Close   Audit Trail – User Transaction History
Warehouse to Warehouse Stock Transfer    
   Admin & Masters Management
   Sales Management
   Purchase Management
   Store Management
   Bill of Material Management
   Planning Management
   Production Management
   Quality Management
   Jobwork Management
   Billing Management
   Accounts Management




Our ERP system is designed as a scalable, full life-cycle ERP solution to fulfill mining companies' requirements. This flexible and competitive software empowers mining organizations to easily monitor tenements, costs and reporting requirements. Systematically and intelligently integrated modules in our ERP system provides mining companies with the following benefits:

Control over your company's inflows
Standardized reporting format
Efficient record consolidation for multinational offices
Specific data analysis and presentation
Tighter cost and expenditure monitoring
Effective maintenance planning and inventory management

eresource Xcel, one of the most economical ERP solution available today is suitable for developing small and medium enterprises. With implementation of this marvelous enterprise solution mining companies will be able to gain an edge over their competitors.

eresource Xcel ERP for Mining Industry has been well integrated and business intelligence dashboards . With this system companies can benefit from significantly reduced implementation costs and timelines.

Here are a few of the main benefits of using eresource Xcel ERP for mining industry.

The system provides a affordable ERP software solution for everyone.
It is a flexible, reliable and efficient ERP system, which will able to handle multiple companies divisions and departments.
System has been Integrated with Business intelligence and FR reporting tool.
Ability to handle multi-currency transaction and reporting.
Real time view of operation.
Provides full financial data include budget and forecasting

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eresource Xcel for Manufacturing ERP Software - Modules

Sales Management

This Module comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management.

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Bill of Material Management

The BOM module is used to maintain the details of product requirements i.e to create which product and quantity required.

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Material Production Scheduling

MPS in eresource Xcel generates an accurate and detailed schedule of orders and enables what is required to be produced.

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Material Requirement Planning

MRP module provides information that enables the company to have enough inventory on hand.

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Purchase Management

Purchase module deals with all the items or products required which is not in stores. The required item list is created in this module.

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Quality Control Assurance

Quality Control module facilities are versatile and offer support in every phase of your operations from receipt and acceptance.

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Jobwork Management

This module allows you to make products from outside sources with your own material.

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Plant Maintenanace (Engineering)

Plant and Machine Maintenance Module in eresource ERP captures information of equipment maintenance.

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Accounts and Finance

Finance Resource Management in eresource Xcel gathers financial data from various functional departments.

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Payroll Management

Payroll module in eresource ERP streamlines the management of human resources.

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Production Management

The function of Production Management module is the production of items as per requirement.

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