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eresource ERP for Logistics management


A company that is dealing with supply chain operations cannot do its operations successfully without a powerful logistic management ERP system. In fact Logistics management is considered to be the backbone of any supply chain company. Today’s changing business environment companies are also redirecting their businesses according to the advanced technologies. Keeping in today’s technology requirement, eresource, the leading web-based ERP solution providers in India, offers a powerful and efficient ERP solution for logistic and warehouse management.


eresource ERP provide the logistic industry an end-to-end solution that rightfully addresses customers’ demand, optimize geographical diversity and focus on lead time. Understanding the requirement of each industrial verticals, eresource has exclusively developed ERP solution for each industrial segments, including logistic and warehouse management. eresource ERP provide a mechanism for the betterment of inventory storage and goods to be transferred to the clients end quickly and safely on time. With eresource ERP for logistic management in place, customers can easily control the warehouse activities also the shipment operations. This intelligently integrated ERP system allows users to manage inventory, packaging, loading-unloading and shipping operations without applying much effort and also by reducing the chances of flaws.


eresource ERP for logistic management functions efficiently by organizing, shipping and transportation related operations with ease and convenience. This system can implemented and effectively used for various kind of segments such as wholesale and retail stores, import and export sectors, service and distribution businesses and transport and shipping industries. Complex cargo processes also get planned with the use of eresource ERP logistics management system.


Our experience in dealing various industrial segments by providing ERP solution and also our excellent market understanding and immense IT skills, eresource ERP is acknowledged across the industry as leading providers of web-based ERP solutions. eresource takes special while developing ERP solution for each industrial segments. Below are some of the points that has been considered while developing the logistic management ERP.


Ensuring hassle free freight forwarding.
Ensure effective management of stored goods
Provide serial number tracking checks for goods to be transferred.
Providing suitable vehicle for transferring goods
Offers packaging services to the goods to be transferred.
Listing of containers in terms of product weighing and barcode reading
Provide built-in functionality to the internal operations.

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