ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing industry produces products using resources such as parts and accessories. Products such as Automobiles, Furnitures, Bicycle, Equipment’s, Industrial and Electronic equipment all fall under Discrete Manufacturing. The manufacturing process of Discrete Manufacturing are not continuous in nature. Each production process can be individually started or stopped or can be manufacturing in different manufacturing unit. The companies in Discrete Manufacturing process makes physical products that go directly to Customers or business. Manufacturing of Assemblies also falls under Discrete Manufacturing practice.

eresource has a comprehensive solution for Discrete Manufacturing Industry. eresource enables the industry to manage right from creating work order to Discreet Shop Floor Control, including Scheduling, planning, Purchasing, execution, control Production and invoicing.

eresource ERP for Discrete Manufacturing is a web based ERP that can manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently and cost effectively. With eresource ERP, companies can now accelerate the time to market by aligning R&D, Design, and manufacturing as per customers need.

Discrete Manufacturing Software from eresource is a powerful production manufacturing which empowers you to anticipate, collaborate and arrange responses to operational and market conditions with greater agility and precision.


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