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eresource ERP, an indispensable system for business success

Pharmaceutical Industry is the one that always in challenging mode. This is because health is the most precious factor that a life is depend on. As it is said, when wealth is lost something is lost, but when health is lost everything is lost. Therefore contribution of pharmaceutical industry to the nation must be viewed with most respect.

Unlike any other industry, pharmaceutical industry is always in a change mode. This is due to demand of new medicines in the society with the evolution of new illness and diseases. It is not an exaggeration if we say there no other industry in this world where research and development holds important as in pharmaceutical industry. However, in today's technologically advanced world, pharmaceutical companies cannot be mute spectators to changing environment that largely can contribute in their research and development and other business process in a sophisticated method.

As the whole world in the process of transformation in its each every mode and method, case of pharmaceutical industry is not something different. Today pharmaceutical industry is witnessing key transformation in the working method with the help of highly sophisticated software applications. With the introduction of sophisticated equipments in all working process, managing the work also been upgraded with support of computer networks and highly reliable software applications. This has also been resulted the requirement of highly talented IT professionals in the field. The industry has reason to feel proud that due to this sophisticated working process, the industry has able to invent, produce and supply from very ordinary to even life-saving drugs that our society is badly needed to safeguard their health and other health related matters.

In recent times, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solution has played a big role in growth of pharmaceuticals industry, generally in its business process and particularly in its technical process. Pharmaceutical ERP software is tailored to meet the needs of pharmaceutical organization Primarily, this application can deliver the power, scalability, and robust e-business functionality in a cost effective manner, with rapid implementation. Most of these application comprises versatile analytics and MIS reports, which gives the power to run businesses at peak performance.

When we talk of an ERP system for pharmaceutical company, the first question will be is an ERP system must for an pharmaceuticals company? and If yes, why they need it? The answer is simple. Today ERP solution functions is the soul of an industry, whether it is pharmaceutical or others. And important of soul is beyond any simple explanation. Rather than just a business application ERP mainly functions as an system that automates industry process.

Automatic process makes it possible that everything work according to plan and every medicine is produced with its optimum scrutiny and manufactured medicines are delivered to the proper place also at proper time and all other business process related execution carried out efficiently. With an ERP system in place, chance of human error are rare or dim. This system also ensures safety and quality of the product in internationally acclaimed standard.

As the enterprise resource planning software became a key component for pharmaceutical companies to integrate their entire business processes, good Indian ERP companies have introduced some affordable and effective system to suit the need of small and medium sized companies in the Indian market.. The most popular among them is the web-based pharmaceutical ERP systems which is a big hit among all big and small companies alike.

These Web-based ERP systems integrate and automate the main functionality of an organization thereby facilitating the flow of information among the different functions of an enterprise. These web-based systems have been developed to support all major pharmaceutical business operations. The systems have been incorporated with many advanced individual modules that could take care of functioning of every department efficiently.

Quality Management tops the priority list as far as any pharmaceutical company is concerned. Keeping this in mind these systems are developed and designed in unique style. Quality Control department with its integrated sophisticated Quality Control / Module which not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and production but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review.

Implementation method also plays an important role in success of an ERP system for pharmaceutical industry. Successful implementation requires a structured methodology. The method should be people and process-focused. This is the best way to manage the risk effectively. A good methodology of implementation process covers all the bases. Therefore if there is anything unexpected pops up the user will be able to handle these problems without any negative consequences.

Web-based ERP system for pharmaceuticals is a more flexible, affordable and reliable. What is more important is that for a successful pharmaceutical business process, ERP is the future, and it has become essential in the business world because it brings information classified and simplified to those who have to make decisions.