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eresource releases new logos for its exclusive ERP products


eresource, one of the most-trusted ERP solution developed in India which is a big hit among the business fraternity in Dubai and other United Arab emirates

and the major African cities like Nigeria and Nairobi, has released fresh and new-look product logos for their exclusive ERP systems for various industrial verticals.



eresource Xcel Manufacturing ERP Software


Manufacturing industry, one of the very first industrial sectors to adapt Enterprise Resource Planning solution

for their operational process, have been the first target customers of eresource. For decades, we are serving

this industry with end-to-end solution for all their business process.


 eresource Xcel, the exclusive ERP system for manufacturing, has been rightly accepted

 by all of our Indian and overseas customers.


The recently released logo for eresource Xcel has been widely acclaimed.

eresource Nfra Construction ERP Software
Construction and Infrastructure industry being the one of the most challenging and complex area,

businesses in this field were looking for an effective ERP solution that can be relied on.


eresource came out with the right answer and the result is eresource Nfra. Serving a number of

highly prestigious construction companies in UAE, India and Africa, eresource Nfra is becoming

a name of reckon with.


The new logo of eresource Nfra has been a big hit among our customers.


eresource ERP for Fleet Management


Fleet Management and Logistic industry is something that has all the complications of working pattern.

Many a time transportation becomes a field of uncertainties.


It is therefore, for many years, the ERP developers have cleverly stayed away from this field of complexities.

eresource with its handful of experienced professionals in this field


Dared to come out with a exclusive ERP solution for logistic Industries, that was named eresource 3GL.

Today, eresource 3GL is the first choice among the many of the fleet management companies in India and abroad.


The new logo adds to our confidence to serve this sector much better way than ever.



ERP for Batch Manufacturing

One of the other industries that we are serving for decades is the chemical and Fertilizer sector.


There won’t be any second opinion on how important the services that this industries are rendering

 to the growth of our nation. eresource BatchPro,


The exclusive ERP solution for chemical and Fertilizer industry, is committed to serve

them much better way in the coming and release of the new logo just proves that.



ERP for Trading


Like Manufacturing, Trading industry also plays an important role in economical growth of a nation,

especially counties like UAE and other Gulf region.


Viewing the importance of having a suitable ERP system for this industry and realizing the fact that

there are no effective software solution that could contribute much to eliminate their business hardship,

eresource has developed and introduced an exclusive ERP system,


eresource eTrade. Today, this erp system is a big hit among the trading companies in UAE and other Gulf

and many African countries.


The new logo of eTrade will able to boost their confidence in this ERP solution