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eresource gives its customers what they want

eresource ERP solutions from eresource Infotech are totally a web-based ERP solution and cover everything needed to run an organization irrespective of size of a company. eresource offers exclusive ERP solutions for various industries and operations such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Infrastructure, Trade and Sales, Preventive Maintenance and Human Resources etc. eresource ERP solution is best known to be less expensive, easier to implement, and easier to maintain.

Being a Web-based ERP solution, the solution provides real-time information about all the operations of an organization that includes finance, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and many many more. This browser-based application allows you to work from anywhere at any time with use of a desktop or laptop which has a net net connection and a browser application.

eresource is following a widely accepted approach by providing exclusive ERP system for each and every industry. This is in keeping with our primary objective which is, give what the customer wants rather than what we have. This also could be the reason behind our unmatchable success. Having said that, developing exclusive ERP system for various industries are somewhat a complex issue as all customer-specific functionality must be included in the system effectively.

Initially when we launched the system there was just one common ERP system that has been developed serve all segments. It must be admitted that developing such a package was not easy. As everyone knows that meshing the specific needs of thousands of customers into a single coherent package was not only that easy but also complex. However, eresource's top quality expert came out with a novel idea and developed exclusive ERP systems for different industrial segments. We have also simplified the implementation process and enhanced operational methods which can support early return on investment (ROI).

Another important factor about our system is that it has been developed in keeping with the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Indian market in mind. Therefore utmost care has been taken with its operational method, functionality and investment cost which must be suited to address the SMEs requirement in a rightful manner.

There are number of reasons why eresource's target customers are mainly from the SME sector. The bigger players in the market with their standard ERP products are too hot to be handled by the small companies. Though there are many factors involved in this, the high cost involved in implementing such services are one of the primary concern.

Secondly the heavy customization that is needed in these standard ERP systems to suit their requirement that many a time becomes doesn't bring the desired result. Thirdly. the annual maintenance and other regular technical assistance whenever required. Being locally placed, an efficient technical service of eresource is available 24x7

For further details and discussion let us have a one to one meeting with a live demonstration of the product. Call us today so that a meeting can fixed according to your convenient.