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eresource ERP is tailored and personalized for each user

Employing innovative service-oriented architecture and web-enabled technology, eresource Infotech develops end-to-end, industry-specific ERP solutions for various verticals such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, fleet management, construction and infrastructure, modular kitchen, trading as well as gas and petroleum industry.

eresource ERP enables companies to immediate drive efficiency throughout their business operations and builds competitive advantage. With scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth, eresource ERP solution is complemented by a full range of services, providing a single point of accountability to promote a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

In today's competitive business environment, what you must understand is, your business is accumulating information at an ever-increasing rate and your data volumes are growing daily, but do the people who need quick and easy access to that information have it? Different facets of your business require access to very different sets of information. Customers need up-to-date order information and support assistance; suppliers need access to purchase orders, production schedules and feedback on their performance; employees need the latest sales figures and forecasts, a heads-up on production bottlenecks and their recent HR information.

eresource ERP software system is a solution that delivers critical information tailored and personalized for each user.

With the use of web-based eresource ERP, you can extend the value of your enterprise information out to the Internet, giving real-time access to remote users and members of your supply chain the up-to-date information they need to make better business decisions.

eresource ERP system is designed to give end-users access to specific information, data that can come from both internal systems or from other data sources, and is designed to allow customers, suppliers and employees, access to role specific records.

This ERP software solution provides a compelling gateway for information users who need to carry out their jobs more effectively and assist them with decision support. It makes use of a personalization paradigm to allow each user's experience to be tailored to their specific role by filtering out information overload.

Real-time access to data and an easy to use interface make eresource ERP solutions an integral part of your e-Business strategy by providing a collaborative environment. Information is available to all stakeholders, from employees to your customers and suppliers, enabling smoother transactions, a higher velocity in decisions and faster turnarounds.