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Suitable ERP system for Equipment Rental & Services

Equipment rental service is one of the industries that makes a rapid growth worldwide.  The demand for an effective ERP solution to manage Equipment Rental service are increasing day by day. In today's challenging business environment it is unimaginable to manage Equipment Rental business to meet customers demand. eresource has recently introduced an exclusive ERP solution that will help organizations in their every business process.
In the business front, equipment availability and reliability are vital for making use of the opportunities in the market. eresource ERP system  enables you to keep track of your rental fleet throughout its life cycle. The system can help ensure availability, reliability, and maximum utilization of equipment as well as manage, maintain, and repair equipment effectively.

eresource ERP for Equipment Rental can improve operational efficiency and maximize profitability. The system helps you to manage your rental fleet from the moment you procure an equipment to renting, servicing, repair, depreciation, and disposal. This innovative equipment rental software system not only manages the entire equipment life cycle but also takes care of other key areas of your equipment rental services business including warranty management, planning and scheduling, customer service and support, financial management, human resource management, and warehouse management.

eresource ERP for Equipment Rental solution is designed to meet the needs of the busiest rental company, it provides a structured approach to quoting and rental contract creation that flows through to equipment dispatch, return and variance control, with flexible invoicing options, allowing detailed real-time cost and profit analysis at the click of a button.
The system also designed to for any size of equipment rental companies, whether it is huge or small. Managing a equipment rental service is an cucumbersome job and if you are facing any difficulty or your business is struggling to cope with its own success, eresource ERP can will remove the hardship and enable you to continue to grow your business quickly and profitably

eresource ERP for Equipment Rental can:

  • Provide your customers itemized quotes
  • Plan, pre-allocate and deliver rental items to agreed schedules
  • Easily process dispatch and returns
  • Use the built-in returns manager for efficient receipt of equipment
  • Track unreturned equipment with the variance manager
  • Process recurring invoices

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