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How does the detailed data about production and quality inspections get into the ERP system?

As far as a manufacturing organization is concerned, these are the most important factors affecting profitability and success. If this data could be captured and validated as the activities are happening, everyone in the organization will have accurate, timely information for decision-making.


eresource ERP enables a single, logical portal to capture and validate this information as it is happening on the production floor. When using the web=based ERP system eresource, data will be captured and validated in real time, summarized and instantly available to decision makers throughout the organization, wherever they may be and whatever role they may play.


Today’s manufacturing solutions should enable shop floor workers to be knowledge workers. They should have a system that is capable of doing everything needed at his fingertips to set up the work center quickly and accurately and to make, count and measure parts or assemblies. Drawings, setup instructions, material requirements, customer alerts, inspection specifications and more should be available in electronic form on the shop floor. Alerts can be triggered immediately if a dimension or operating parameter is out of specification. Also when operators makes errors it could be identified on the spot and corrective actions can be taken immediately.

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