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Cost-effective, user-friendly, web-based ERP system

Many of the organizations still depending on their old legacy system are facing hindrance in their progress due to this incompatible system in today's fast growing business environment.

The opportunity to see the benefits of a new system is offset by the distraction of the potential cost and effort. This delay may postpone the incidence of changeover costs, but this is offset by the costs incurred through the missed opportunities associated with the enhanced functionality.

When the decision is finally taken to implement a system which can provide operational excellence and a substantial return on investment, organizations must take the advantages of eresource ERP in the way of affordable cost, on-time implementation and risk-free on-line service back up.

One of the most important advantages of eresource ERP is that it is the cost-effective easy-to-use Web-based ERP application which has been produced in India, the world's number one IT hub.

Other important factor is, over the years eresource ERP has been proved to be highly successful ERP solution for Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Fleet Management, Construction and Infrastructure as well as Oil and Gas industries.

Following are some of the major factors of eresource ERP's popularity.

  • Eliminate the limitations of the legacy system such as fragmentation of data and process, inflexibility to change and insupportable technologies.
  • Take advantage of the untapped mid-market (medium size organizations) through increased functionality at a reasonable cost.
  • Enables improved business performance through cycle time reduction. Cycle time is the time available at each station for the performance of the work allocated or the time elapsing between completed units coming of an assembly line.
  • Support business growth requirements through new products/product lines, new customers, global requirements including multiple languages and currencies.
  • Provide flexible, integrated, real-time decision support in improving responsiveness across the organization.