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Project Budgeting

Budget Configuration

eresource NFRA budgeting module computes the Material and other Direct Cost of Project from the Base Price in the Item Master. The base price is updated as per the last services / purchase cost. Budget configuration permits the user to select it invoice-wise or order-wise. It can also further break into a category wise or lumpsum wise configuration.

Budget Allocation

Once the budget configuration has been selected in an desired manner, the budget allocation screen allows you to allot budget for each item as per the category wise or item-wise. When you choose to allot budget under the category-wise option, prices of all items under that category will be considered before the allocation of the budget. On the other hand if you have chosen the item-wise budget allocation, the allocation will be done for each item individually.

Budget Validation in Purchase Order

The budget allocation is done based on total budget and available budget, which indicates the amount available for each purchases. When a purchase order is raised the item will be purchased as per the budget allotted for the same. This will be done after validating the purchase order against the budget allocation. In case the purchase amount exceeds the allotted budget amount, then the purchase order must go for further approval.

Budget Cost Center

Cost center is basically a point where the budget allocation responsibilities are separated. A decision on how the budget must be allotted, either category wise, item-wise, or department-wise, can be taken here.

Category wise budget

When category-wise budget allocation is decided, this page allows you to allot the amount for each category by selecting the same.

Screen Shot of Fund control /CAPEX

This is a screen where you define CAPEX for the project.Here the validation control of CAPEX can be captured.