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Material Requirement Planning

Project Planning

The project planning is done after the project calendar is created. Through this screen project activities are planned. Against each activity, resources requried such as man power, tools and equipments can be tagged. This screen gives a complete insight of the planned activity v/s actual progress. On the form of actual progress, it automatically compute the projected completion date of the project.

Material Resource Planning View

This screen will show you the values of the material planning requried for the project as in what material is required, the quantity and the time of its requirement.

Project BOM

The screen shows the complete Bill of Material that includes planned and unplanned materials.

Project Creation

Create your project by inputing complete information of client and their requirement. You can also set the start and end date. You can also include the new orders given by the user. This module also assist you to schedule a call with the client.

Project Calender

Project Calender will help you to set complete project time and dates.

Extra Worksheet

Unplanned materials that are needed in each stage of BOQ is captured here. Extra worksheet materials are approved as its sactions are met

Extra worksheet Quotation

Quotation can be created for extra material required in the project which was not planned.

Extra Claim Quantity

Once the approval of extra worksheet material is done the material can be claimed for the project.