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Tendering Management


eresource Tendering Management dashboard provides a real time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using dashboard you can easily visualize the opportunities, approach, status of sales-lead in SPANCO model i.e Suspect Definition Prospect Identification, Approach -Analysis Evaluation and qualification of requirements, identification of the solution negotiation, Closing Finalization, Order Ongoing Account follow-up and Order management and sales monitoring.

Followup List

Follow up list enables you to maintain the follow ups of all sales call. Each sale Lead / Calls can be classified as per the priorities, such as Moderate, Low and High for easy identification.

Sales Lead

Sales lead module in eresource NFRA automates lead generation, lead tracking, follow-ups etc., in simple yet incredibly powerful manner.

  • It has provision to assign lead to other sales person
  • Track lead by sources, region and sales person.
  • Intimate leads to other Sales and Marketing associates
  • Email notifications for leads that are reassigned
  • Track sales lead through the sales cycle from lead generation to closing the sale and beyond.

Sales Enquiry

The most important factor in the sales enquiry is the provision to update/add BoQ items. eresource NFRA provides

  • Provision to Import BoQ data from Spreadsheet, Use existing BOQ or Manually capture BOQ information
  • Add Multiple BOM/Assembly for a BoQ. Capture Materials manually for a BOQ
  • Cut, copy and paste BoQ data between concurrently loaded projects

Sales Quotation

  • Apply Resources to multiple BOQ Items at one time.
  • Cut, copy and paste rates/rate between concurrently loaded projects
  • Provision to Export Subcontractor Activities in Spreadsheet.
  • Emailing subcontract Activity to Sub Contractor
  • Item pricing captured automatically from the master
  • Apply Installation and Service Cost to BOQ Items
  • Full audit trail of pricing
  • Build In provision to save rates of BOQ items for future use.
  • Replace or re-price currently assigned resources

Sales Order

Converting Order from Finally Ammended Estimation.

Sales Report

Sales Report in eresource NFRA provides you with several reports like Lead by Source, Lead by Region, Open Sales Agencing, Sales Performance Activity, Log and more.

Screen shot of Sales Funnel